Shadows sometimes play games with us, don’t they? While they certainly do, they will not appear to misbehave so much (unless something very problematic is going on). So if you are ever strolling somewhere at Redwood City in California, don’t be so quick to call yourself mad. Damon Belanger will be to blame.

The latter, is a graphic and street artist commissioned to create a number of “fake shadows” in Redwood City’s downtown area. The whole project aimed to add creativity to the area – so a job well done. Take a look at Mr.Belanger’s creations, look for happy flowers, whimsical monsters and robotic creatures. We think, something similar in our hometowns would certainly bright up our morning stroll – and quite possibly give unsuspected tourists and passers-by a bit of a fright. So a win-win situation!


Credits: Damon Belanger