Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Julien Salaud’s Stellar Cave series is a set of installation works that invite the viewer into a magical and mystical space. His illuminated works depict scenes that reminisce of prehistorical wall drawings and Renaissance paintings.

The French artist uses threads and ultraviolet light wrapped around precisely placed nails, on ceilings or gallery walls, to create the illusion of a starlit sky. These creations were designed in order to evoke the idea of the metamorphosis, an other dimensional state that give his art the impression of a transformed work.

The mythological and mystical features of his installations captivate the viewer and achieve what the artist intended to achieve; touch a dark, unknown side of the humanity, the nature and the universe. Stellar Cave IV, one of Salaud’s grandest installation, was recently on display at the Hezliya Museum of Contemporary Art.

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JulienSalaud1 JulienSalaud2 JulienSalaud3 JulienSalaud4 JulienSalaud5 JulienSalaud6 JulienSalaud7 JulienSalaud8 JulienSalaud9 JulienSalaud10 JulienSalaud11 JulienSalaud12 JulienSalaud13 JulienSalaud14 JulienSalaud15 JulienSalaud16