by Maria Sofou

Ambivalently Yours is our new favorite feminist artist.

The anonymous creator shares her honest thoughts, feelings and questions in hand-written notes of self-expression that seek to crush female stereotypes imposed by society today. A few years ago, Ambivalently Yours started drawing her feelings while working, as her own act of resistance against her employers, the fashion industry and the patriarchal society, which led to the creation of her tumblr page  as a platform to share them. Since then, her amazing work that breaks the binaries of what is expected of a female today, creates a powerful space for women not only to celebrate their contradictions but also to crush sexism by all means.

The artist herself talks about her project on her site: “In 2011, I started a series of ambivalent drawings, which I worked on in hiding when I felt frustrated at my job. Drawing became my own subversive act of resistance against my employers, the fashion industry and the patriarchal machine. I stole computer paper and company time to draw out my frustrations and channel my anger into something tangible. I soon realized I was able to express certain thoughts and emotions more clearly through the act of drawing, than by solely using text.” As her work grew in popularity, she started taking requests from people who wanted to see their own personal struggles and feminist questions drawn, so apart from her personal feelings she now illustrates requests on a regular basis.

Check Ambivalently Yours’ drawings on her page.

See some of her work here: