Liza Minnelli, 1977

Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Andy Warhol is an artist famous for his eccentric personality, artistic style and infatuation with pop culture.

From his Marilyn Monroe paintings to his Campbell soup works, Warhol always seemed to understand consumerism -whether it involved products or show business, better than any artist of his generation.

Apart from his paintings and videos, Warhol was also very famous for his photographs. One of the most important works of his archive is a series of Polaroid photos, in which the biggest people of the art, the music and even the sports industries, pose for the extravagant artist.

From OJ Simpson to Yoko Ono, a few of the most famous and successful stars have been photographed with Warhol’s Polaroid Big Shot Camera. Below you can see photos taken during the 70s and the 80s.


John Lennon, 1971

Yoko Ono, 1971

Dolly Parton, 1985

Dorothy Hamill, 1977

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 1978

Joan Collins, 1985

Chris Evert, 1977

Keith Haring, 1986

Diane Von Furstenberg, 1984

Pelé, 1977

Diana Ross, 1981

Gianni Versace, 1980

Jane Fonda, 1982

O.J. Simpson, 1977

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1977

Ryan O’Neal, 1971

Tatum O’Neal, 1986

Muhammad Ali, Undated

Edward Kennedy, 1979

Tina Turner, 1974

Truman Capote, 1977

Andy Warhol