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They say that love follows no rules or conventions. They also say: better late than never, and judging by the following story we can’t help but to agree. George Kirby and Doreen Luckie had both loved and lost before they met through an organization for older people, the first having gotten a divorce in his 70s and the latter sadly having become a widower 3 years earlier.

The British couple very soon found themselves drawn to each other and have been together since 1988, but this doesn’t seem to have been enough for George as he decided to propose and, finally, after a 27-year relationship and on this very day the couple got married, having a combined age of almost 195 years. Breaking the previous Guinness World Record for the oldest couple to ever get married, 103-year-old George and his new bride, as well as their families are truly happy, and state, “We’re not doing it for the record, we’re getting married because we’re in love and it seems like the right thing to do.”

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