Incredible Photo of the ISS Transiting the Sun Featured by NASA


This is a photo by Rainee Colacurcio. It was featured as NASA ’s “Astronomy Picture of the Day”. And with good reason. It is a stunning photograph, depicting the sun, with a glimpse of the ISS (the International Space Station). It is a captivating picture, with the sun and the ISS as it orbits our planet. The most noteworthy thing about all this is that the sun appears to be “spotless”.

A photo of the sun, with spots. Each of these sunspots is 13 times the area of the Earth’s surface. (Credit: SOHO)


“Transiting the Sun is not very unusual for the ISS,” wrote NASA “which orbits the Earth about every 90 minutes, but getting one’s timing and equipment just right for a great image is rare”.