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Jason Briggs is an artist whose line of work could be described as extremely personal. And by personal we mean private, since what Briggs creates, is beautiful porcelain sculptures that depict private parts. Yes -many and tangled private parts.

Provocative yet beautiful, Briggs’ sexual objects are basically male and female organs that are fused together, creating delicate grotesque artworks. Working on ideas that are so basic in life, like reproduction, Briggs’ flesh-like porcelain discusses sex in both a physical and a spiritual level. With the use of this beautiful material and the subjects he works on, Briggs creates a result that showcases an eerie realism. Often bonded together, his works stand as a metaphor for the connection formed between two partners. With his over-sized parts and the way they are shaped together, Briggs wants to open a dialogue about desire and fulfillment.

“I am searching for a fresh perspective. I strive to create an object I’ve never quite seen before – one whose inherent mystery and intrigue quietly insists upon viewer interaction. An object begging to be explored and examined in much the same way a child investigates the world: with wonder, curiosity, and also trepidation,” he writes on his website.

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