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All images courtesy of Lee Jeong-Lok

Lee Jeong-Lok is a Korean artist who works with light to create magical outdoor installation photographs. His work is centered around the perception that the light is of an unearthly, enchanting quality, something one notices immediately after viewing Jeong-Lok’s photographic works.

The artist uses serene natural landscapes as his background, and fills them with glowing geometric forms, Korean language characters and butterflies. The result is a contrasting blend of the mystical with the pop, as his colorful lit forms follow dark paths, dance around rocks and float above waves.

Jeong-Lok uses his skills in working with both natural and digital materials, adopting a careful and calculated process that always help him create exceptional works like his series Nabi, Tree of Life in Island and Decoding Scape, you can view below.

“With light, I have been painting something that exists despite its invisible nature; places that correspond to the visible world, places beyond our sensual cognition, profoundly mysterious places that nevertheless cannot be separated from our world of cognition. Painting with light is the body, mind, and the soul harmoniously following the rhythm; it was an act of delivering positive energy felt by the body, rather than creating something from nothing,” the artist says.

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lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-03 lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-05

Tree of life in island

lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-02 lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-16lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-18 lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-19

Decoding Scape

lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-07 lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-09 lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-10 lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-11 lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-12 lee-jeong-lok-light-painting-designboom-15