by Maria Sofou

Southern California-based photographer Kayla Varley is a lifestyle and fashion photographer that thrives on the philosophy that time not spent being creative is time wasted.”

Her personal photographic series is a collection of beautiful, stunning and intimate images that carry all kinds of emotions: from striking shots that feature a naked model becoming one with nature to powerful stills that explore what seems to be intimate moments of a human’s life, Varley’s photographs reflect a sense of nostalgia and peacefulness that mesmerizes the viewer.

“A good image is an image with soul, impact, emotion, and good composition. I believe a photographer should always put a little bit of himself into an image. Without an emotional connection I think an image is that and you forget it once you’ve stopped looking at it. The images that stick in my brain are the ones where I can actually feel the photographer inside the work,” the photographer explained in an interview.