A canvas, paint and his hands are all Paolo Troilo needs

A fast rising star in the art scene, the 45-year-old Paolo Troilo is known for his incredibly expressive black and white works that have a photorealistic quality about them. What makes his art so unique is that he uses his fingers only. Yes that’s right what you are looking at is finger paintings indeed! No charcoal or pastel is used to created these full of raw emotion pieces.

He paints himself always with nervous lines, creating strong images and impact. Indeed, the undisputed protagonist of his paintings is his reflection on the canvas, but above all the human being. Troilo painted torn souls that contort and struggle in search of their own identity.

This all started one day when he went to buy all the products he needed and he forgot to buy brushes. Instead of going back to the store he started painting with his finger and here we are today admiring and appreciating an extraordinary artist.

Photos via [Galleria Russo], [Paolo Troilo]

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