This is the work of Linda Bouderbala. An art director and illustrator, based in Paris, France. She created a series of illustrations classifying famous pop and geek culture characters by color. The artist created this series, in order to see, how different shades and tones interact in a group of characters, supposedly of the same color.

Linda began drawing from a very young age and was always fond of geek and pop culture. As she grew older, the most enjoyable thing for her was revisiting the heroes of her childhood.

“Unlike humans, fictional characters are very different from one another – they have different, sometimes very odd, forms, they are made of different unearthly substances, and lastly, they are, undeniably, different colors – even when they seem the same. Is the blue color of a Smurf the same as Megaman’s? I don’t think so,” the illustrator stated about her series

Which color team are you on?

#1 Black Team

#2 Blue Team

#3 White Team

#4 Orange Team

#5 Green Team

#6 Red Team

#7 Yellow Team

#8 Purple Team

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