by Margot Pierce

Green Magic Homes company has come up with an amazing idea: they build tiny, prefabricated houses that look like Hobbit holes!

The company’s building system aims to create living spaces in green vibrant living environments, with structural elements that not only generate numerous possibilities of connection and looks but also are easy to assemble in just a few days time!

Just like the Hobbit holes we all love, these little houses are designed to be built under soil so you can grow your own vegetables on the roof! However, if you live in the middle of the desert or in an extremely cold climate you can have your “magic” home too as there is a housing solution for you too, the Desert and Snow Home respectively.

“Green Magic Homes is symbol of great beauty and development of innovation products, always thinking about you to bring progress and welfare. Technology that makes each day a new opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest,” the company explains.

Love it!