Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Artist Gesine Marwedel uses the human body as her canvas, creating magnificent, jaw-dropping works of body art.

Inspired by nature and the human anatomy, which she uses as her themes, the artist twists, bends and forms the shape of her models’ bodies in various and admirable ways. From the human heart to a series of creatures of the animal kingdom, Marwedel includes all kinds of beautiful things in her stunning line of work.

The detailed way she paints even the smallest characteristic of her subjects, confuses the viewer who at first doesn’t realize they’re watching at body-paintings. Often using black or white background to achieve the result of the illusion, the models’ parts are the only thing that reveal the true nature of the works, upon closer inspection. “Bodypainting is not only inking on a living canvas; it is the recording of body shapes in the design, painting on and with the body. It is the transformation of a man into a breathing, moving, living work of art,” says the artist.

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