Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

For those of you who are familiar with the popular Internet catchphrase ‘Shut up and take my money’ and for those of you who are not, here come some 1950s’ eccentric gizmos of debatable utility that this phrase may or may not apply to.

Due to a decrease in demand during the war, the Los Angeles Brush Manufacturing Corporation proceeded in the creation of a rather whimsical, yet undoubtedly innovative line of products. Part of the company’s catalog, featured in a 1947 LIFE issue, included house slippers with brushes on their soles, uneven brooms for stair-cleaning and a special broom that allows housewives to easily clean under their rugs.

Actress Olga San Juan and comedian Billy de Wolfe, who took part in LIFE’s photo shoot, modeled, among others, some even more questionable gadgets: a brush with teeth in place of bristles and a fingernail brush made of metal nails. The company’s catalog even included a “brush off” brush for ditching importunate brush salesmen! Trolling much?

via time


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