Since 2009, Haruhiko “Photographer Hal” Kawaguchi is known for his bizarre couple photographs. Since 2009 he’s been asking men and women to get in a bag, and then he seals their conjoined bodies inside the bag using a household vacuum that sucks out all of the air.

As he writes on his website, “The image of the power of love was further pursued from the work photographing the vacuum packed couple remind me a tale that the star which finished the lifetime contracted, and it became a black hole, finally it inhaling everythings. That’s why , I started to put a couple in vacuum sealed bag with much things used at their daily life or their work, or their favorite thing. When they live like the embryo who lives to nutrition and the figure apparently clothed in the disorderly thing on the body goes amniotic fluid in the interior of the womb, they are required things, and the thing which followed the fate chosen as them like all the things of a nature and which has stuck, and its arrangement are necessary. Moreover, their personality and beauty were condensed by there where it harmonized completely, and the energy of love is full.”

 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_002 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_003 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_004 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_005 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_006 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_007 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_008 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_009 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_010 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_011 haruhiko-kawaguchi-vacuum-seals-couples-in-plastic-bags-_012