29 Most Vivid, Cute Settings

Quarantine has really brought creativity to our homes. Among other things, to be sure. But one thing that certainly went up, is people’s creativity. Or rather the free time to explore our creativity.

From DIY home projects, to painting, people are trying their hardest to keep themselves entertained – and sane. A mother of four little girls, ages 2-13, found a brilliant way both to spend time with her girls, and be creative at the same time. And what’s most important, allow her girls to be creative as well. She uses bright colored chalk crayons, creating brilliant, fairy-tale like settings, as backgrounds for her daughters’ photoshoots. From vivid, cute messages to scenes that belong in a children’s book, the results are incredible.
The mother, Abbey, came up with this idea, when her oldest daughter painted some balloons on the ground and tried to take photos of her youngest sister to appear like she was in the balloons. Since then Abbey has created a Facebook page to share with the world, her daughters’ adventures. She has received a great deal of love, not to mention thousands of comments and likes, and this has motivated her to keep going.

So we present to you, 29 of the best attempts in this great project. Enjoy.