This is a transformable periscopic mask that explores three different points of view with the help of mirrors. EyeTeleporter literally teleports your line of sight into positions that nature did not originally intend for your eyes.

This art project was inspired by two great men – Jurgis Maciunas, father of Fluxus art and prophet of play, and Vilayanur Ramachandran, neuroscientist who treated brain disorders with the most low-tech medicine imaginable – mirror therapy.

EyeTeleporters are made of corrugated cardboard and acrylic, non-breakable mirrors, safe to play for all groups of ages.

Currently available and looking for funding on kickstarter.


View point way above your head

You feel too tall. Makes some people weak in their knees

View point way above your head, backwards and upside down

Your ceiling changes places with floor. Trippy.