Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Marco Cadioli is a digital artist who uses his computer screen as his canvas and creates unorthodox works, with an interest in the form and the alteration of the object.

The artist is well-known for a series of digital projects, his Google Earth variations, in which he transforms the earth in an Op Art generator. In Google Error, the earth is turned into a 3D playground of experimental shapes and forms, while in Google Mellon the artist transforms the earth into various fruits.

His 2013 project, Squares with Concentric Circles, belongs in the family of the Google Earth works as well. This series of printed screen images, are basically what their title describes. Squares with concentric circles seen from above via the Google Earth Satellite. The viewer stands in front of these images trying to understand what exactly they show, as some might need a very close observation for their content to be identified. Each circle creates the illusion of an old vinyl record or a circular target, one can throw darts at.

These works are patiently and carefully created, with the artist having chosen the right angles and having cropped the circles in the right parts, achieving the perfect analogy and aesthetic result. The artist’s aim is to explore the Earth’s surfaces that apart from their similar shape have different colors, environments and habitats.


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