Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep


Elyse Graham is a LA based artist, interested in exploring the geological formation of an object. After researching natural forms, she later transforms her knowledge and ideas into experiments and sculptural works of art.

Graham has an obsession for exploring since childhood. The idea of picking rocks from beautiful landscapes was followed by the thought that something magical could be on them. Many years later, this thought of the ordinary, becoming extraordinary, just with a little fantasy and creativity, came true through her work.

The artist created a series of geodes with a unique shape and color, that make them look like samples of alien geology. She made these beautiful art jewels, working them from the inside out. After creating a void from her exhaled breath, she built the piece one layer at a time, pouring chemicals on top of each layer to create the next. What’s extremely interesting is that Graham had no idea of what lay beneath each layer, so the outcome of each work always came as a surprise. Until the geode was split open, nothing on the outside could be of evidence of what was to come.

Graham’s geodes are a collision of the natural and the unnatural. Combining her love for science and art, the artist definitely created a piece of art that will make the viewer uncertain of whether he’s looking at a rare rock or a made object.


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