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Inspired by her own parents’ love and marital life, New York-based photographer Tracey Buyce started a project last year, photographing couples who’ve been married for more than 40 years.

The photographer first posted her idea on her blog, asking people to suggest couples they’d thought fit the concept of the project, and they would receive a free portrait session and a flash drive of images, as a gift from the photographer. “Each relationship has its own unique beginnings and from that unfolds decades of shared lives. Marriage is complex, full of ups and downs and joys and sorrows. Marriage is your own little universe, that just the two of your create. I want to help your family celebrate the gift of marriage through photography”.

Buyce has already taken the amazing portraits of five couples, including Norbert and Mary, a couple who has been married for 71 years. Their eyes and the way they gently touch each other speak a very important truth; true love exists. Their granddaughter-in-law Kaitlin, who nominated them for the project, had this to say: “Their love is reflected in their 13 children, 24 grandchildren and the growing number of great-grandchildren. They travel, read, garden, watch ‘Jeopardy,’ and love sharing fond memories and stories…They are the kindest, most loving people and such wonderful role models for marriage”.

According to Buyce, there was indeed something all these everlasting couple had in common, “One thing all of these couples had in common was a quiet comfort between them”.

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Russ & Elinor, Married 63 Years

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Gloria & Walter, Married 65 Years

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Martha & George, Married 70 Years

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Norbert & Mary, Married 71 Years

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