Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Ah, high school! A time in our lives we all want to forget but would happily go back in an instant!

Apart from friends, foes and unlimited pranks, high school also marked us with classes -obviously, and teachers. We all had both good and bad teachers, teachers we considered best friends and teachers that made our lives a living hell. Despite how amazing some our teachers were though, they probably weren’t as awesome as a Wyoming-based art teacher, who welcomes his students in his class, in the coolest way possible.

In an effort to surround his students with as much art as possible, the teacher creates chalkboard drawings that often depict animals and portraits with hilarious captions and quotes. He later uploads his creations on Reddit as ‘Nate100100’ and shows the world how well he masters the profession of a teacher.

Apart from starting the lesson in a fun way, the students also get to study the technical aspects of drawing, such as shading and perspective. Even though these works get erased at the end of the day, ‘Nate100100’ says he doesn’t mind, as everyday gives him a chance to create something new and beautiful.

via lostateminor


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