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With Women’s History Month coming to its end, Rizzoli Publications celebrates women in history in the most fierce way!

In collaboration with collector Peter J. Cohen, Rizzoli will release a photography book that features adventurous and rebellious women during the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s who visually pushed through the boundaries of acceptable behavior for women in their time.

The black and white images collected by Cohen over the span of 25 years, depict women defying their “good manners” and act with their hearts. Cohen gathered more than 60,000 photographs of vivacious females, found either in flea markets or eBay. Even though we don’t know anything about their identities and their lives, their beautiful rebellious characters give power to every woman who, at some point in her life, has felt suppressed by societal expectations.

You can buy Snapshots of Dangerous Women here

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