Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Whoever said that opposites attract, never thought of how surprisingly literal this phrase could be someday. That day is here and we’re talking about sand and ice. Yes, sand and ice. One last time, sand and ice!

Photographer Joshua Nowicki stumbled onto this bizarre pairing while exploring the shores around St. Joseph. Dozens of small sand towers with ice details, were rising out of the beach, while some where over even a foot tall. This natural installation was the outcome of blasts of wind, slowly eroding layers of frozen sand. The photos Nowicki took are simply breathtaking. These beautiful, perfectly sculptured by nature towers, are a great example of how earth and its phenomena will never stop surprising us.

via thisiscolossal

DSC_8956-photo-by-Joshua-Nowicki DSC_8963-photo-by-Joshua-Nowicki DSC_8983-photo-by-Joshua-Nowicki DSC_8988-photo-by-Joshua-Nowicki DSC_9056-photo-by-Joshua-Nowicki