Taylor Swift / Emma Watson

Jonathan Stone for Art-Sheep

Okay, so this is the weirdest and most disturbing thing you’ll see today!

It’s not enough that all these perfect Hollywood actors and actresses daily grace us with a reminder of their existence through social media and magazines, now we have to deal with imaginary gorgeous celebrity-hybrids. DeviantArt user Pedro Berg Johnsen (ThatNordicGuy) creates images of imaginary people by combining facial traits of musicians and actors.

The result is a series of breathtakingly beautiful males and females that look familiar yet strangely flawless.


Emma Watson / Kristen Stewart

Arnold Schwarzenegger / Colin Farrell

Brad Pitt / Ethan Hawke

Natalie Dormer / Emma Watson

Elizabeth Olsen / Scarlett Johansson

Peter Dinklage / Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Barbara Palvin / Cara Delevigne

Chris Pratt / Harrison Ford

Natalie Dormer / Elsa Hosk

Chris Pratt / Chris Evans / Chris Hemsworth

Heath Ledger / Tom Hardy

Megan Fox / Angelina Jolie