After the afterlife dildo and the afterlife tattoos, a company called Bios Urn can now help you turn your deceased loved one into a tree. Yup, that’s right, their eco-friendly product offers the chance for a unique type of mourning. Putting one special capsule that contains a seed, soil, and vermiculite on top of the deceased’s ashes, the bio urn becomes a new age tomb.

When asked about the creation of this special product by A Plus, Roger Moliné, CEO of Bios Urn, explained, “One afternoon my brother was planting some vegetables with my grandmother. They were in the orchard when suddenly our grandmother found a dead bird lying on the floor. Instinctively, without thinking too much, she took the dead bird, made a small hole in the floor and threw on it both the dead bird, with some of the seeds she had on her hand. That action, or better said, that reaction is what inspired the Bios Urn. A product that could use the remains of someone or something that passed away, and convert it into a new form of life.”

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