Jonathan Stone for Art-Sheep

You thought Justin Bieber and One Dirction have been the only pop idols to cause frenzy to teenage girls? Actually, Justin Bieber and One Direction are merely the progeny of musicians and bands that used to drive girls totally crazy!

Apart from the King, Mr. Elvis Presley, The Beatles were the band that had thousands of fans that would anything to see, listen and scream at their favorite quartet. A common term used to described this intense fan frenzy directed towards the legendary British band, is called Beatlemania. During the early years of their success and just before they take over the world with their songs and ideas, the Beatles had a bunch of crazed fans that couldn’t be called anything better than maniacs, as the way they expressed their adoration for the band led the police to always be taking extra high security measures during the Beatles’ performances and concerts.

Enjoy a selection of interesting photos perfectly capturing the vibe of Beatlemania, its exponents and its… prey!

 Beatlemania1 Beatlemania2 Beatlemania3 Beatlemania4 Beatlemania5 Beatlemania6 Beatlemania7 Beatlemania8 Beatlemania9 Beatlemania10 Beatlemania11 Beatlemania12 Beatlemania13 Beatlemania14  Beatlemania16 Beatlemania17 Beatlemania18 Beatlemania19 Beatlemania20 Beatlemania21 Beatlemania22 Beatlemania23 Beatlemania24 Beatlemania25 Beatlemania26  Beatlemania28 Beatlemania29 Beatlemania30 Beatlemania31 Beatlemania32 Beatlemania33 Beatlemania34  Beatlemania36 Beatlemania37 Beatlemania38 Beatlemania39 Beatlemania40 Beatlemania41 Beatlemania42 Beatlemania43 Beatlemania44 Beatlemania45 Beatlemania46 Beatlemania47  Beatlemania49Beatlemania48Beatlemania35