Jonathan Stone for Art-Sheep

Snailpimp is a project created by artist Stefan Siverud, who for several years now has been dressing snails’ shells with bright, pop patterns like the IKEA logo or turns snails into lady-bugs and houses. These creative, imaginative creations Siverud makes are not just interesting but they are also saving the lives of snails by helping them stand out.

Siverud uses non-toxic paints that are not life-threatening and offer just protection and a creative home to their owners. These colorful exteriors are definitely a safe and fun way to watch out our little friends that usually come out after raining. And with the rainbow in the sky, snails with painted rainbows on their backs come out as well.

 snailpimp2 snailpimp3 snailpimp4 snailpimp5 snailpimp6 snailpimp7 snailpimp8 snailpimp9 Snail2 Snail3 Snail4 Snail5 Snail6 Snail7 Snail8  Snail10 Snail11Snail9