Abstinencia (democracia), 2011 / Bronze cast / Variable dimensions, life-sized hands

Abstinencia, 2011

Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Yoan Capote is a Cuban artist, based in Havana, who creates visual challenging works, optical illusions and surreal combinations of materials and concepts.

Capote works using metal, clay and found objects, creating thoughtful and inspired artworks. Reflecting on current social or political issues, the artist transfers these issues into symbolic visual depictions. Capote comments on important matters in a way that reaches out to the viewer, as his intense images and their imaginative use, shock, provoke and amaze them.

The artist manipulates his objects inside an ironic, derisive frame, and deconstructs humane ideas and notions. One of the most conspicuous features of his work, is his artistic obsession with “brains”, as the labyrinthine shape of a brain and his function has inspired the artist into exploring its existence and purpose.

Filled with nostalgia, romance and disappointment, Capote’s works urge the viewer to think about aspects of his life, his surroundings and his future.


Stress, 2010
Totalitarismo, 2012 / Padlocks, silverplate metal structures and only one key in gold / Variable dimensions
Totalitarismo, 2012
In tran-sit, 2002-2010 / Solid concrete cast and bronze / Life size suitcases
In tran/sit, 2002-2010
Coitus (Dollar and Ruble), 2010 / Mixed media on paper / 75,5 x 59 cm
Coitus, 2010
Autorretrato, 2008
Status Quo (Reality and Idealism), 2010 / Bronze cast / 180 x 400 x 200 cm
Status Quo, 2010
Rational, 2004 / Plaster and plexiglas / 80 x 55 x 55 cm
Rational, 2004
Lacerante (Mi Silencio), 2003-2013 / Laser-cut Stainless steel / 83 x 160 x 50 cm
Lacerante, 2003-20013
Nostalgia, 2004-2013 / Suitcase, bricks and cement / 85 x 54 x 35 cm
Nostalgia, 2004-2013
Open Mind, 2006-2008 (maquette) / PVC, bronze, metal and glass / 92 x 126 x 126 cm
Open Mind, 2006-2008
Open Mind, 2009