by Anna Randal

If we had to picture Win Wallace‘s art inside a room, we would have it in the procession of a dangerous drug lord or a decorating the office of an creative executive. Dark, surreal and bizarre, the artist’s images speak in a language that uses spirituality, fiction, history and culture to unfold their stories.

“Increasing globalization seems desirous of effecting the same homogenization on every corner of the planet. Distinct culture, spirituality, identity and even the symbols of our humanity exist in peril alongside our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom and the environment at large. We exist together already as one, but we shouldn’t work so hard to be the same. More control and more regularity have never been sources of enlightenment or positive evolution. All my work deals with the pathos and contradictions of this confusion,” explains the Austin, Texas-based artist.

 eden fertility maypole

Original Scanned Image
Original Scanned Image

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