by Agape Charmani

Willy Verginer is no stranger to us, as his inspiring work has amazed us before, and today we’re featuring some of his most beautiful work.

His figurative artworks are sculpted  from solid pieces of lindenwood and often painted with acrylic paint, while he usually accompanies them with additional materials. Based in a small town in South Tyrol, Italy, Verginer has created a unique artistic universe, which he introduces to his audience through his complex yet distinctive works.

His majestic figures struggle with common objects, while his themes focus on issues like war and peace, innocence and human relationships. Verginer’s delicate and detailed figures, invite the viewer into a session of seeing, feeling and thinking, allowing each person to connect with them in their own special way.


 Willy-Verginer_web15-400x1024 Willy-Verginer_web16-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web17-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web18-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web19-505x1024 Willy-Verginer_web20 Willy-Verginer_web21 Willy-Verginer_web1 Willy-Verginer_web2-683x1024 Willy-Verginer_web3-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web4-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web5-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web6-705x1024 Willy-Verginer_web7-767x1024 Willy-Verginer_web9-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web10-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web11-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web12-682x1024 Willy-Verginer_web13-682x1024