Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

For many people, books are the light of the world, but for South Korean artist Airan Kang, this is not just a metaphorical concept.

Kang is the creator of a series of glowing books, that are part of her series, Luminous Words. Using transparent synthetic resin and LED paintings, the artist formed various book-objects, working on their covers and text. Neon and emit sumptuous colored lights create the striking illuminated installations that draw the viewer’s attention. The artist is well known for transforming books into bright light art objects using LED, as part of her “Digital Book Project” that is ongoing since 1999.

Although Kang’s colorful books might stand out in the dark, but they’re probably not the most readable choice.

 Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-11Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-2 Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-1 Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-3 Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-4 Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-9  Airan-2Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-6 Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-5 books-0001x Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-7 Luminous-Neon-Books-by-Airan-Kang-8 tumblr_l5z2mwDqjX1qzx66do1_1280