The visuals made it look like a hectic ocean storm, trying to break free from its digital jail inside the ad screen


An enormous aquarium with perpetually crashing waves has popped up amidst an urban landscape in South Korea, but don’t expect to hear the water sloshing around if you walk by. The way the gargantuan water wave works is that it makes use of anamorphic illusion methods to convey the visuals you see here. It’s an effect that works from a specific vantage point (or points). Otherwise, it looks distorted and the sense of reality and depth is gone.

Image credits: D’strict

Designed by District, the elevated tank is actually a massive anamorphic illusion. D’strict is the digital media tech company behind this display of the elements. It specializes in designing, making, and delivering awe-inspiring content, striving to offer new visual space-based experiences to the world. Believe it or not, these waves aren’t making a debut here as a nearly identical visual was done by the same guys under the Nexen UniverCity Project, a piece of design to improve the location’s guest experience.

The screen itself is 80×20 meters, covering an area of 1,620m², and is comprised of 31,000 display modules

Watch the full video of the oceans waves in motion inside the digital ad display