by Craig Davies

Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is a New York City-based visual artist. Having started working as an artist from a young age, Tsitoghdzyan has developed his skills and have since created numerous breathtaking paintings, like the works of his recent series Mirrors.

His interest in hyperrealism and his unbelievably detailed technique, stun the viewer. These big, bold portraits are close-ups of faces, covered by superimposed transparent layers of hands. Aiming to comment on our social media era, the artist plays with the concept through his technique. As it is explained in a text by Donald Kuspit, found on Tsitoghdzyan’s website, “The hands that hide [the model’s] face, yet let her piercing eyes magically see through them, suggest she is a delusion. Ambiguously transparent and opaque, her hands convey the ambivalence built into the artist’s ‘handling’ of her.”

 TigranTsitoghdzyanhyperrealisticportraits5 TigranTsitoghdzyanhyperrealisticportraits6 TigranTsitoghdzyanhyperrealisticportraits7 TigranTsitoghdzyanhyperrealisticportraits8  TigranTsitoghdzyanhyperrealisticportraits11 TigranTsitoghdzyanhyperrealisticportraits12 TigranTsitoghdzyanhyperrealisticportraits13 TigranTsitoghdzyanhyperrealisticportraits17 2014 White Mirror II_0  2012 Mirror III_02013 American Mirror_0