Shilpa Gupta, Untitled, 2006, printed on canvas with archival ink Shilpa Gupta, Untitled, 2006, printed on flex (c print) Shilpa Gupta, Blame, 600 bottles filled with simulated blood presented on shelves and red light Shilpa Gupta, There Is No Explosive in This, 2007, interactive installation and photos Shilpa Gupta, Your Kidney Supermarket, 2002-2003, video and interactive installation Shilpa Gupta, Shadow 2, 2006, interactive video projection Shilpa Gupta Shilpa Gupta, Memory, 2007, Architectural installation, MAC-VAL Paris Shilpa Gupta, Untitled (cages), 2010, three imbricated cages Shilpa Gupta, Untitled (heat book), 2009, heated steel book on wooden pedestal Shilpa Gupta, 100 Queues, 2007-2008, 100 photographs on archival papel over spools, sensor Shilpa Gupta, Threat, 2009, bathing soap Shilpa Gupta, I Keep Falling at You, 2010, 1500 microphones with embedded speakers, audio editing setup Shilpa Gupta, 2010, Motion Flap-board Shilpa Gupta, Untitled, 2009, 10 meters security belt Shilpa Gupta, Blindstars Starsblind, 2008, metal frame with animated light installation Shilpa Gupta, Nearest Exit, 2009 Shilpa Gupta, Hardly Bare to Speak, 2009, 4 TV monitors and a framed text piece, no sound

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