Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Kevin Francis Gray is a Northern Ireland-born, London-based artist who sees the form of sculpture through a contemporary, inventive eye.

Working with basic materials such as bronze and marble, Gray reinvents sculpture by choosing modern topics like fashion. His subjects are mysterious, stylish figures that exist inside a dark void of grief and mystery and refer to London’s youngsters, their feelings and lifestyle. Romanticized and classically crafted, these works look like the souls of these teenage kids, with their disappointment towards the world and their sadness becoming the beginning of a journey of self-destruction.

An exquisite line of contemporary work that opens a discussion about the future of sculpture. Although many artists use multiple media and themes, mix them up and create unconventional results, Gray here proposes something totally different. The artist keeps the traditional sculpture technique, illustrates it, adds the needed details and forms a series of artworks that look familiar, while they actually are deeply and thoughtfully contrary.


voodoo01 faceoffb02 ghostboy01 ghostgirl02 gray-9 handjob01 heavyarms01 holdtight01 mickey01 pearly01 sitterbronze01