by Anna Randal

Ronit Baranga is an Israeli artist. Her medium is sculpture, and the artist is famous for her figurative artworks of bizarre porcelain tea sets and human mouths.

Their exceptional details make Baranga’s works draw the viewer’s attention who is stunned not just by their impressive features, but also by the way the artist has created her compositions.

“In the following series of works, I sculpted human mouths and fingers emerging from tableware. The blurred border between the living and the still in these works is intriguing. It makes you think. In this combination of the ‘still’ and the ‘alive’ joined as one, I try to change the way in which we observe useful tableware. The useful, passive, tableware can now be perceived as an active object, aware of itself and its surroundings – responding to it. It does not allow to be taken for granted, to be used. It decides on its own how to behave in the situation. This is how I prefer to think about my plates and cups,” she writes about her series The Blurred Border Between the Living and the Still.

 Artemis07 Artemis05 Crowd03 TheFeast02 TeaParty02 Breakfast06 TeaParty03 Breakfast04 TheFeast06 Necklace05 Necklace07 Crowd04 TheFeast05 Artemis08 Necklace06 Crowd02 CherryBlossomTattoo04 TeaParty04 DismalandUntitledFeast01 SelfFeeding02 TheFeast15 Breakfast11 DismalandUntitledFeast02 TeaParty01 Artemis16 Artemis15 SelfFeeding03