Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Influenced by classic paintings and drawing, Miami-based Axel Void, creates intense images, commenting on important social issues. Whether he is applying thick brushstrokes on canvas or he is painting large-scale murals, Void treats his materials and subjects with a delicacy and attention to detail.

Focusing on dark, mysterious topics like sickness and death, the artist creates his paintings with a desire to explore the bizarre, as it is captured in his memories. For his murals the artist travels the world, making different works, inspired by a city’s history, culture and social state. Void opens a dialogue about how art it is interpreted by the passersby who often meet works that remind them of famous incidents, common issues or even their food culture.

We’ve gathered a collection with some of him most powerful street-art works, often done in collaboration with other artists.

unnameed-770x539 Arecibo-770x539 Axel-e1403712782962-770x590 Captura-de-pantalla-2014-07-04-a-las-11.41.49-770x600 DSC_2204 finished2 finished-770x600 Finished-Teufelsberg-e1402935391302-770x335 GRIS-El-Tepe_3-770x539 IMG_0086 IMG_1472 IMG_1693-770x539 IMG_2084-770x539 IMG_4569 IMG_9007touched-cropped IMG_9670-770x539 la-perla-copy  reduced-770x418 Revaler99-770x533recortado-770x497