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Would you ever wear something you could eat? Japanese artist Norihito Hatanaka created hyper-realistic wearable art, for those of you who would.

His “tasty” series of jewellery looks like real food, confusing even the most observant viewers. From fruit necklaces to potato earnings,  these fresh and hot pieces are following in the tradition of his family business. Hatanaka took over his father’s factory that produces fake food, used as restaurant models. His interest in art led Hatanaka develop his family business’ work into beautiful and creative jewellery. After sketching his appetite, the artist constructs his wonderfully gaudy pieces, that are inspired from real life dishes.

As Hatanaka explains, food aesthetics are very important in Japanese culture, and the crafted fake food should be as good as the delicious dishes of Japanese or American cuisine.

Check the images below and pick what you’ll have for first course, second course and desert!

via beautifuldecay

Hatanaka6 Hatanaka7 Hatanaka8 Hatanaka9 Hatanaka10 Hatanaka11 Hatanaka12 Hatanaka1  Hatanaka3 Hatanaka4Hatanaka2 Hatanaka5