Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Alejandra Tavolini is an artist, born and based in Argentina, whose work is a fun, interesting and satirical view on pop art.

The artist’s work gives off a “Damien Hirst” vibe, as she creates or uses found objects, which she demonstrates in formaldehyde. Her puffy sharks and sheep are more altered than preserved inside their tanks, contrasting Hirst’s perfectly displayed animals. Tavolini experiments with their shape and material and as if she’s deconstructing what her objects depict, she creates smirking animals that obviously satirize Hirst’s huge installations that cost millions.

Tavolini created a world that could be described as the cemetery of pop art. The decay showcased inside the tanks, and the detailed work the artist put into tearing her objects and then setting their parts the way she finds fitted, is an ideal way to comment on the luxurious kitch art of artists like Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons.

These works are put together in a way that both achieve Tavolini’s intention to install them as a response to Hirst’s work, but also stand as interesting and thoughtful works by themselves. These humorous but well-made artworks compose a series of objects that interact with space and light, creating beautiful, colorful illusions of shape, appearance and functionality.


Tavolini_dostiburones_oacercadelestudiodelosprotagonistas_113x55x34_2008 Tavolini_cordero_oacercadelestudiodelosprotagonistas_114x38x28_2008 Tavolini_6vaquitas_oacercadelestudiodelosprotagonistas_2008 Tavolini_2vaquitas_oacercadelestudiodelosprotagonistas_2007 Tavolini_2cerditos_oacercadelestudiodelosprotagonistas_2008 Tiburon-Turquesa ovejita Tavolini_vacayternero_oacercadelestudiodelosprotagonistas_65x107x40_2007 Tavolini_Tiburon_o_acercadelestudiodelosprotagonistas_2006 Tavolini_oveja_otra_oacercadelestudiodelosprotagonistas_40x120x30_2006