There are times when you see something that isn’t “meh,” but yet doesn’t make you gasp.
It’s not particularly fascinating, but it’s also not dull.
“For photographs that are, you know, moderately fascinating,” there’s a subreddit dedicated to just that.
Welcome back to Part 3, where we’ll reveal everything “Mildly Interesting,” but this time in real life.

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#1 Today The Sky In Murcia, Spain, Turned Orange Because Of Dust From The Sahara

Image source: Nightrach

#2 My Local Gym Gave The Handicap Drawing A Noticeable Bicep

Image source: Davicitorra

#3 The Indian 1 Rupee Coin Just Has A Dude Giving A Thumbs Up On It

Image source: Markisworking

#4 The Way The Pillar In My Home Split The Light Ray Into Only The Color Indigo

Image source: DiSforza

#5 The Sun Reflecting Off My Side Mirror Melted A Mirror-Shaped Hole In The Frost On The Window

Image source: stoptye

#6 This Guy Makes Pizza Using Volcanic Vents On The Volcán De Pacaya In Guatemala

Image source: Yellowman230

#7 Family Heirloom Watch That Was Passed Down To Me. Traces Of The Family Photo Carried On The Back Are Still Visible

Image source: IncandescentSquid

#8 Portuguese Man O’ War Stinging Tentacle Wrapped Around My Ankle

Image source: CatioDaddio

#9 I Made An Alphabet By Carefully Eating Parts Of Pretzels

Image source: ziggyziggystardust

#10 This Burn On My Finger Doesn’t Get Dirty

Image source: Philly_cheapskate

#11 Bus Interior Made To Look Like A Forest

Image source: jyrisa

#12 My Dad Found Apples In Tomato Boxes Labeled As Blueberries

Image source: bigbrothersrule

#13 A German Supermarket Pulled All The Russian Products In Its Russian Aisle And Replaced Them With Sunflower Seeds

Image source: thedubiousstylus

#14 A Dedicated Bench For Jim, Some Miles Into A Hiking Trail

Image source: Kahluma

#15 A Letter To Humans Of The Future On The Site Of Iceland’s First Dead Glacier

Image source: Lord_Balconyham

#16 My Husbands Uncles Have Used The Same Birthday Card Since 1974

Image source: Zeezee772

#17 This Pet Shop Doesn’t Sell Bunnies At Easter

Image source: TheDampTeacloth

#18 Parent’s Dog On Near Identical Rug

Image source: Psydreus

#19 If You Ever Meet Steve Martin By Chance, He Gives You A Card As Proof You Met Him

Image source: Monkeytitan

#20 A Doll With Down Syndrome Sold At A Big-Box Store

Image source: Zombait

#21 The Person Who Lived In My Apartment Before Me Planted Pineapples

Image source: Early_Gold_9715

#22 Security Camera Inside The Car Wash Is Equipped With A Squeegee Wiper

Image source: BayYawnSay

#23 I Have Been Keeping A Collection Of The Tiny Balls In Pen Ink Cartridges Since Middle School

Image source: lily_hunts

#24 My Mug Is Sweating Tea Through The Cracks In The Ceramic

Image source: spky_

#25 Came Across A Typewriter For Writing Music

Image source: tachoknight

#26 The Vet Put A Warning On My Dogs Medicine For Him Not To Operate Heavy Machinery Or Drive While Affected

Image source: GreyCatOrangeBeard

#27 My Chickens Greeting Me When I Come Home From Work

Image source: eagledragonblood

#28 I Traced Around My Vitiligo Spots

Image source: oldmate-58