Piora Valley Lakes, Ticino, Switzerland. Ritom, Cadagno and Tom are three lakes in the gorgeous valley. Surrounded with the mountainous landscape, these alpine lakes create a breathtaking view. Also Lake Cadagno is meromictic, which means it has layers of water, that do not coalesce. There are only few such lakes in Europe.

The valley can be reached with a funicular, which also promises great views. Visitors go on a hiking tour, which approximately is completed in 3.5 hours and encompasses all three lakes. There are various lodges and opportunities to eat, while enjoying the panoramic sites. The specialties include famous local Piora cheese.

Why to go there?

Great views, hiking trails, tourist facilities.

When to go there?

The best time to go is between May and October.

How to get there?

By funicular from Piotta. Get there from Ambri Airport or by train from various Italian cities.

Photo by Sean Burke
Photo by Giacomo Mirarchi
Photo by Robby D’Angelo
Photo by Enrico Boggia
Photo by Enrico Boggia
Photo by Lollo Riva
Photo by Luca Balzarini
Photo by Vanni Galli