She spent countless hours on bridges, waiting for the perfect shots

Loes Heerink is a Dutch photographer and storryteller. She was born in the Netherlands in 1980. She bought her first camera when she was 18 and has never put it down since. Animals drove her to save up money for her camera. She really wanted to photograph them. Insects as well, like frogs, butterflies and flat-belly dragonflies. She spent hours upon hours in stillness so she could take the perfect shot, and when she did, she was very happy. That feeling is the reason she never put her camera down.

Loes created an inspired series about the street vendors of Hanoi. Around 4 a.m. all the vendors – mostly immigrant woman, wake up and fill their bikes with fruits and flowers. Then they drive on to the market. So Loes Heerink, who lived for many years in Vietnam, positioned herself on various bridges on the road from the vendors’ houses to their marketplace.

“I once spent five hours in a location with no shots,” Heerink explains. “This project started my fascination for the women carrying their goods. They have no clue how beautiful their bicycles are, no idea they create little pieces of art every day.”