Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Outings is project initiated by French artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca, that aims to bring museum art into the streets.

It began last August after Casabianca visited the Louvre and saw a painting, in which there was a female character who looked pretty bored. “I had a ‘Prince Charming’ impulse,” he explained to Slate. “I wanted to free her from the castle to give her a second life.”

The artist took a picture of that girl with his phone, printed it out and pasted it on the wall of a Parisian building. A move many of his friends later followed, pasting their own art-history stickers on street walls.

If you live in cities like Paris, New York or Chicago then you might have noticed these beautiful art stickers, found on the walls of many big cities across the world. It is a project that how now spread across the globe, with people installing unusual figures from classing paintings as street art in the most unexpected places.

Outings is an open project, anyone can participate in. If you’re interested in decorating your city walls with bizarre stickers, check out Casabianca’s instructions on how to get involved.

Visit your local museum, take a photo and free a figure!

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