Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Rita Minissi is an Italian designer and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Inspired by her own self Minissi explores the way people react and express themselves in front of and towards others and the way their identities and characters are constructed through them. Embracing the fact that every person is different and unique, Minissi begins a journey of investigation and identification. Without wishing to alter or eliminate these features, the photographer seeks the limits of the human aspiration to know and control , even though one can never be in full control of how others perceive them. This connection and exchange of energy allows one’s self to be seen, explored and changed through a beautiful process of transformation.

In her series of images the photographer personifies the need for this exploration using her subjects who we see enclosed in “cocoons”. By taking any shape and form, Minissi’s figures experiment with the photographer in search of their own and the viewer’s perceptions.

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