Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Marina Zuni is an artist whose assignment for the “All You Can Paint” festival was a very plain, boring building.

It’s simplicity made the artist excited to work on it, as she knew she could many glorious things on an enormous building. Even though she loved its size, Zuni was confused as to what she could do with its windows.

The artist got inspired while reading, as she found a page about bees and honeycombs. She immediately connected the residents of the building to bees and the building to a honeycomb, and started design her little bee-dom. “It was a brilliant moment! It got me thinking about how bees behave in the parallel with humans and I knew what to do,” Zuni says.

She used color in order to show how every person living in this building had a different personality. The artist met a lot of them as she was painting outside of their apartments. One of her favorite “bees” was Christina, a sweet lady that served her and her crew coffee, through her apartment window. Zuni also painted 11 bees, to go with the honeycomb, dedicated to the A.Y.C.P. organization members.

via boredpanda

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