These glowing, ethereal scenes by photographer Barry Underwood are certainly not your typical landscapes. In each composition, the Ohio-based artist explores the effects of artificial light placed within natural settings. Through this intervention, the images evoke a sense of an eerie presence that seems out of place within an otherwise familiar setting.

The artist says his curiosity about the history of urban and rural sites drives his work. He researches selected locations before venturing out to photograph them. Upon arrival, he builds his site-specific sets using LED lights and luminescent material, and then experiments with creative photographic effects to capture the essence of each place.

With cinematic flair, the photographs blend the real with the surreal. The serene scenes are just slightly interrupted by the unusual patterns of light that dance across the lakes and trees. Underwood says, “By revealing the beauty and potential of an ordinary landscape an everyday scene is transformed into a memorable, visual experience.”

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