A style how-to for princesses only.


It might seem easy to be perfectly dressed when royal blood runs through your veins and almost all of the greatest fashion designers out there literally race against each other to dress you since your infancy. But, that’s exactly the problem with it. When you have it all, it’s really difficult to find a personal style and keep following for years and years of public appearances. In addition, what happens when the official dress code you have to follow juxtaposes with how you like to dress? It doesn’t seem easy to keep a balance or to be a fashion rebel and a princess. However, some royal ladies exceptionally made it through, by following and breaking dressing rules at the same time.


Today, almost every female member of the royal families around the world are well dressed, nobody can question that. However, the lines between a best-dressed and a fashion icon are really blurry. So, let’s take a look at some royal fashion icons that belong to the second category, each for a different reason.


Queen Rania of Jordan/ The ‘Traditional’ Icon:

For those who say that fashion is only a Western thing.


Queen Rania of Jordan attends a ceremony



Masako, Crown Princess of Japan/ The ‘Appropriate’ Icon:

One doesn’t have to break the rules to be stylish.


Japanese Crown Princess Masako waves to well-wishers gathered at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on January 2, 2014. Japan's Emperor Akihito and his family greeted well-wishers for their customary New Year public appearance. AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA (Photo credit should read TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images)



Queen Letizia of Spain/ The ‘Modern’ Icon

A 21st-century businesswoman in pants.





Diana, Princess of Wales/ The ‘Beloved’ Icon

I dare you to find one person that wouldn’t include Diana in a similar article.

diana 2




Grace, Princess of Monaco/ The ‘All-Time-Classic’ Icon

Nobody did it better.

grace kelly 2




Caroline, Princess of Hanover/ The ‘I-Don’t-Care’ Icon

A princess, a gown and a pair of sneakers. I’ve seen everything.

LUXEMBOURG - OCTOBER 19: Princess Caroline of Monaco attends the Gala dinner for the wedding of Prince Guillaume Of Luxembourg and Stephanie de Lannoy at the Grand-ducal Palace on October 19, 2012 in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. The 30-year-old hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg is the last hereditary Prince in Europe to get married, marrying his 28-year old Belgian Countess bride in a lavish 2-day ceremony. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

caroline 2



Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, Princess of Saudi Arabia/ The ‘Fashion-Week’ Icon

Fashion Week Street Style done the royal way.




Iliana Deligiorgi for Art-Sheep