Adorable Little Fluffballs

Birds never fail to amaze people. From their extravagant plumages to their unique dancing routines and mating preparations, birds can’t be confused with any other animal class. And as birds cannot be confused with any other animal class, this bird, cannot be confused with other birds. We are of course referring to the Bearded Reedling, that has recently come to our attention. An egg-shaped, palm-sized fluffy little creature that can do the splits. It. Can. Actually. Do. The. Splits!

Indeed this small sized bird (around 16.5cm in size), with its own unique appearance has a habit of resting n three branches while doing the splits.

Did you know of this little fluffball? What is your favorite bird in the world?


credits: Kev Chapman

Image credits: rado_vaclav




credits: nickpix2008

Image credits: rado_vaclav