Start-up company Chaotic Moon has developed an intriguing new project: the ‘Tech Tats’!

The temporary tattoos use LED lights, a micro-controller, and conductive inks to create a circuit board on the surface of the user’s skin: the gadget can monitor vital health functions, body temperature, hydration levels, heart rate and more and send the data by only connecting to a smartphone!

“We’re excited to debut TECH TATS, our exploration into the use of skin-mounted components and conductive paint to create circuitry that lives on the human body in the form of a tattoo that has the capability to collect, store, send and receive data. Tech Tats are what we’ve dubbed biowearables: wearable technology that isn’t just, say, strapped to the user’s wrist, but interacts WITH their wrist. (In this case, in the form of a tattoo.)  In other words, you’re eliminating clunky, expensive devices with a low-interference, low-cost, and low-hassle alternative, and using the user’s skin as the interface. It’s technology that is, in a sense, part of the user. The result? Total integration,” the company explains on its website.