Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Being a symbol of romanticism and delicacy, porcelain dolls have always been identified with traditional aesthetics and kitsch culture. Here to change that is, artist Jessica Harrison who is known for reinventing porcelain sculptures by adding a small but important characteristic to their appearance.

Still delicate but covered in tattoos or with their bodies severely hurt, Harrison’s ladies get a full 21st century makeover. With their striking gowns, their tattoos and attitudes on, the Scotland-based artist’s women are the offspring of a very strange juxtaposition of ideal beauty standards and art forms.

“Harrison proposes a multi-directional and pervasive model of skin as a space in which body and world mingle. Working with this moving space between artist/maker and viewer, she draws on the active body in both making and interpreting sculpture to unravel imaginative touch and proprioceptive sensation in sculptural practice. In this way, Harrison re-describes the body in sculpture through the skin, offering an alternative way of thinking about the body beyond a binary tradition of inside and outside,” states the artist on her website.

 porcelain-1 porcelain-2  Harrison_Paintedlady05(1) Harrison_Paintedlady06_02s Harrison_Paintedlady01(1) Harrison_Paintedlady02(1) Harrison_Paintedlady03(2) porcelain-5 Jharrison_Rosamund(7) porcelain-6 Harrison_Paintedlady06(1) Jharrison_Ruby(6) Harrison_Paintedlady10(1) porcelain-3 11742782_924378120952267_1969256981696259593_n